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June 2018, Vol. 17, No. 4

Container backup follows data persistence to these ephemeral apps

The container revolution was expected to herald a world of ephemeral container applications deployed and running across both public and private clouds. But the reality of enterprise data management is application data must be more persistent than the lifetime of a single container. As a result, vendors have added data persistence to container infrastructures, and that means container backup is now needed to protect container data like all other enterprise data. Protecting container data has its own set of requirements and processes. This article explores how container backup is being done and what vendors are setting the standards for backing up containers. The need for persistence As containers have grown in popularity over the last four years, it has become clear that completely transient application execution isn't compatible with the enterprise -- at least not in the way IT is usually delivered. Even the 12-factor methodology for application development states that although applications should be stateless (factor six) and ...

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