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June 2018, Vol. 17, No. 4

Disaster avoidance requirements ensure business continuity

We've seen the early predictions about the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season. Global Weather Oscillations, citing the "strongest cycle in 70 years," is projecting 18 storms with six making landfall in the United States and three or four classified as major storms rated Category 3.5 or higher. Scientists and climatologists blame hotter ocean temperatures for the increasing number and severity of these weather events, and this year's Atlantic currents are running hot. These storms are a big concern for businesses and homeowners living along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts. But that's only a fraction of the land mass and the population of this country. The Midwest may face a much lower hurricane threat, for example, but it isn't in the clear when it comes to weather-related catastrophes, such as tornados. Whatever the location and threat, disaster avoidance has become top of mind for everyone. Chris Hood, IT director at First Enterprise Bank, a four-branch community bank in Oklahoma City, Okla., recalls how he took his position...

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