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HPC, colocation offer a new type of computing partnership

High-performance computing brings benefits for data-intensive use cases such as AI, machine learning and big data for sectors such as healthcare, government and finance. After spending years as an option mainly for academic or agency work, the technology is becoming more suitable for enterprise use cases.

Yet, not every IT team can easily -- or realistically -- support high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. Whether it comes down to cost, hardware acquisition, maintenance or data center rack space, concerns must be addressed. If there is no way to fix these problems in-house, HPC services are the next best step.

HPC colocation services help organizations get all the upsides of HPC without the need to build out data center space, generate additional power or hire more support staff. Outsourcing these functions can also improve reporting workflows and bring additional insights that internal teams might not have considered.

To ensure a smooth colocation experience, you must consider the nuances of HPC services such as power requirements, application data storage locations, downtime precautions and workload accessibility.

Location is a key factor as HPC applications require low latency and enough network connections to efficiently transfer data, whether it is to or from the colocation facility.

These terms should be confirmed throughout the contract negotiation process, along with how much hardware is required and if any of your existing HPC components must be migrated; this option can vary between service providers.

Branching out to HPC service providers, especially colocation, ultimately enables an organization's IT teams to tap into a whole new tier of computing power.

This handbook covers the benefits of HPC, offers hints on provider evaluation and discusses concerns over workload migration. This information will help to ensure a smooth transition process so your organization can gain the benefits of high-performance infrastructure without day-to-day hassles.

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