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Tips to counter sales tactics thru server refresh lifecycle

See what you can do throughout the server lifecycle to counter the sales strategies of hardware vendors competing for customer dollars in a cutthroat market.

Title Tips to counter sales tactics thru server refresh lifecycle

Competition in the server space is fiercer than ever, which has led many name-brand server vendors to more aggressively pursue increased revenue and market share from white box suppliers. To put pressure on customers, vendors employ specific sales strategies throughout the five stages of the server refresh lifecycle.

The server lifecycle, as defined by IT consultancy ClearEdge Partners, is a transactional game composed of a five-stage cycle. The lifecycle stages include:

  • Net new purchase, when it is time to buy new hardware;
  • Optimum performance, when servers are, in theory, the latest and greatest;
  • End of OEM warranty, when service deals are up;
  • Device becomes legacy, when renewal notices come along for aging equipment; and
  • End of life, when servers are no longer going to be supported by the vendor.

Explore the current state of the server market, why big name-brand suppliers are losing share to white box server vendors and what they are doing about it. See how you can counter these sales tactics by implementing a buyer's playbook based on fine-grained and accurate analysis of your present and future server refresh situations.

About ClearEdge Partners
Founded by senior sales executives from large IT suppliers and informed by current market analytics, ClearEdge enables CIOs and their teams to make more competitive IT investments. By combining rigorous inspection and IT financial expertise, they identify risk and opportunity, align internal teams and maintain leverage throughout the lifecycle of supplier relationships. As a result, their clients maximize the value of their investments by unlocking millions of dollars from legacy spending and redirecting funds toward IT modernization, digital and cloud transformation with confidence and speed.

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