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Put your hyper-converged cloud knowledge to the test

Are you up to speed on clouds built on hyper-converged infrastructure platforms and technology? Take our quiz to find out if you know how they work and their benefits.

Hybrid and multi-cloud strategies have become more popular in recent years, joining public and private cloud as essential infrastructure options for enterprises today. Many organizations have yet to take the plunge due to the complexity of deploying and maintaining these cloud technology options, however.

Enter the hyper-converged cloud.

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) is no longer just an environment to deliver virtual desktop infrastructure and other data center workloads. The hyper-converged cloud is a cloud infrastructure paradigm that uses HCI technology and principles as the platform for building out a cloud environment.

As a modern integrated IT architecture and platform that optimizes compute, storage and network resources for specific application workloads with virtualization at its core, HCI has a much in common with the cloud. It is these similarities between hyper-convergence and cloud that have brought the two IT environments together in the form of the hyper-converged cloud to ease public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud deployment and scaling, as well as compatibility and integration issues.

With this quiz, you can test your knowledge of hyper-converged cloud basics and find out why HCI is a good starting point to embark on your cloud journey. We'll examine exactly what an HCI-based cloud is, how it works and what a hyper-convergence can do for you and a cloud service provider. You can also check whether you know what advantages the hyper-converged cloud brings to public, private and hybrid cloud deployment and management.

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