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Can I change the info in the Windows 10 Action Center?

Users can change what types of notifications they receive in the Windows 10 Action Center by accessing their system settings

There are a few different ways to control what information the Windows 10 Action Center displays.

First, you can remove existing data from the Action Center by clicking on the Clear All link, or by clicking on the Close icon next to an individual piece of information.

The primary controls for the Action Center are located within the system settings. You can access these settings by going to the Start menu and clicking on Settings, followed by System. Doing so will bring up the System dialog box. The Windows 10 Action Center settings are located on the Notifications & Actions tab.

There are five different system-level settings you can use to customize the Action Center's behavior. These settings are located within the Notifications section and you can turn them on or off individually. The settings include:

  • Show me tips about Windows
  • Show app notifications
  • Show notifications on the lock screen
  • Show alarms, reminders and incoming VOIP calls on the lock screen
  • Hide notifications while presenting

Obviously, two of these settings are related to the lock screen, and not to the Windows 10 Action Center, but the other three settings control the Action Center. My advice is to turn off the Show me tips about Windows option because it just displays more noise. I also recommend turning on the option to show app notifications, and to hide notifications while presenting so Windows 10 doesn't display notifications while you give a PowerPoint presentation.

The lower portion of the dialog box lets you enable or disable notifications from your apps on an individual basis so you can receive notifications only from the apps you care about. Keep in mind each app has its own way of generating notifications. If you turn off notifications for a particular app, it's possible the app may still display notifications in the Action Center. Generally speaking, turning off notifications gets rid of distracting elements such as banners or sounds.

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