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What Web application monitoring tools exist for desktops?

Microsoft Intune and other mobile device management tools are also useful for desktop management from the cloud and Web application monitoring.

If your goal for Web application monitoring is to manage Windows desktops from a cloud-based interface, then Microsoft Intune is probably your best option. Microsoft Intune (formerly known as Windows Intune) isn't so much a PC management utility as a mobile device management utility that just happens to work with Windows PCs.

In addition to supporting Windows PCs, Microsoft Intune also works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Microsoft Intune is designed to provide a "single pane of glass" management experience for multiple device types.

There are two main things that Microsoft Intune is designed to do. First, it is designed to secure access to corporate resources based on device status. For example, you might want to block access to certain resources for devices that have not been enrolled.

The other thing that Microsoft Intune is designed to do is to manage applications for mobile devices. You can block specific apps or URLs from being accessed, or you can push required apps to a device.

Organizations that require more comprehensive PC management can integrate Intune with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager. Doing so provides greater management capabilities for PCs while also adding support for Macs and Linux computers.

Another Web application monitoring option besides Anturis is Mobile Device Manager from 2X. This product has a lot of similarities to Microsoft Intune. For instance, it is able to manage Windows PCs, iOS and Android devices. 2X MDM places a strong emphasis on device security and includes numerous features for applying security policies and for tracking a device's whereabouts.

Although 2X MDM works really well for the most part, it is a good idea to register for the free trial so that you can see how well it works for your own organization. Some of the 2X MDM features are not supported on every managed platform.

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