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MPP IT Support Track Offers Interesting Insights

In looking over the release notes for Insider Preview Skip Ahead Build 17639, I saw an interesting teaser. It led me to revisit the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) of online training. In fact, it led me further than that. Right now, I’m about one-fourth of the way through a course meant to train up IT tech support support agents. That’s why I assert that the MPP IT Support Track offers interesting insights. It’s actually called the Microsoft Professional Program for IT Support track, for those who might wish to check it out for themselves. Here’s the snippet from the release notes that caught my eye:

You can audit the IT track’s courses for free or pay US$99 per course (4 total) for credit.
[Click image for full-sized view. Links to AI track and GeekWire article.]

How MPP IT Support Track Offers Interesting Insights

If you want to understand how Microsoft views tech support, you couldn’t find a better source of information than this course. It explains that the role of tech support pretty thoroughly. That role is not just to answer questions and deliver support though these things are important. It’s also equally important to champion consumption and help the organization achieve its business goals. Pretty lofty stuff for entry level tech support staff to dig into.

I found myself most impressed with the course’s emphasis on continuous learning, self-improvement, and staying ahead of the technology curve for Tech Support workers. It’s pretty good information and also inspiring for those in need of motivation to excel at and enjoy what they do for a living. I plan to work my way through all four courses in this curriculum over the next few days. If other gems emerge from this prospecting work, look for more of them to appear here in this blog. In the meantime, you could do worse than to check this resource out for yourself.

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