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September 2018, Vol. 2, No. 5

Get to know the device-as-a-service trend

As more organizations move to service models, even hardware purchasing gets the subscription treatment. But what does this mean for IT pros managing end-user devices and the employees that access them? Microsoft in particular has shifted many of its offerings to deliver them as a service in the past several years. Windows itself changed to servicing channels for operating system updates with the release of Windows 10; the company is also pushing the service version of its productivity suite, Office 365. Some VDI shops have turned attention to desktops as a service. And cloud-based technologies are becoming the norm for many infrastructure setups. Enterprise interest and options for device as a service, or PC as a service, is somewhat newer. In 2016, HP Inc. launched its device-as-a-service program, and that same year, IDC reported that about 25% of IT buyers were looking into PCaaS programs. Hardware vendors including Dell and Lenovo also offer device as a service today. Actual adoption of the services model remains low, however...

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