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September 2018, Vol. 2, No. 5

What mobile device analytics can do for you

Many organizations struggle to manage increasingly large data volumes that emanate from a variety of mobile devices, but the evolving field of analytics can help. The opportunity to transform data into valuable information to make better and more informed decisions is very real. Businesses have become more data-driven; many are making investments in asset-intensive equipment to monitor its performance and optimize predictive maintenance, for example. Here are several other common implementations of mobile device analytics for big data: web user engagement and recommendations from web analytics data; infrastructure monitoring alerts from ubiquitous sensors; supply chain monitoring from manufacturing and shipping sensors; predictive maintenance alerts from machine or engine sensors; cybersecurity alerts from network logs; health alerts from electronic health record systems; preventive fraud alerts in financial applications; and social event alerts or early warnings about information on social media. Software vendors have ...

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