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Manage patient data with solid EHR software

Hospitals and healthcare providers today must document patient care to stay on top of standards and regulations. Electronic health records (EHRs) are an integral part of healthcare today, so doctors and hospital admins need effective tools to track and manage these records. The best EHR software achieves this by collecting, capturing, documenting, tracking and managing patient health data from multiple sources -- from basic doctor appointments to medical lab results. EHR software ultimately provides a comprehensive look into patient health and can even, on a bigger scale, give population health analytics to ultimately aid health care providers to make initiatives to improve population health.

EHR software is primarily available in two implementation models: the client-server model and the cloud-based model. More and more vendors are moving to the cloud-based model due to the popularity of other cloud-based platforms, like Salesforce. This platform type offers numerous benefits, such as faster deployment, cost flexibility, accessibility, simpler IT infrastructure, compliance and tighter security.

The nine leading vendors featured in this article all offer a cloud-based option, as well as a mixture of important EHR capabilities like customization, end-user experience, mobile app support, document management, population health, workflow automation and reporting.

In this buyer's guide, health IT expert Reda Chouffani takes prospective buyers through the process of how to select the best EHR software based on what type of platform buyers are looking for and what capabilities they should evaluate and compare to optimize the benefits that EHR systems offer. EHR software is mandatory for many hospitals and practices under government regulations. Since it's not a question of "if," but "what," it is critical for buyers to know what they most need their EHR system to address and find the system that best manages and optimizes their EHR activities.

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