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DirectTrust Celebrates 10 Years of Healthcare Interoperability Initiatives

Nonprofit healthcare industry alliance DirectTrust acknowledged 14 individuals for their contributions to healthcare interoperability on its tenth anniversary.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, nonprofit healthcare industry alliance DirectTrust recognized a special class of Interoperability Heroes.

“It’s been an exciting decade for DirectTrust and the electronic health information industry,” Scott Stuewe, DirectTrust president and CEO, said in a public statement.

“We are extremely pleased and proud of DirectTrust’s accomplishments during this time,” he added. “We couldn’t have done it without the many agencies, companies, organizations, and individuals, who, like us, are committed to advancing interoperability and the foundation of Trust essential for its continuation. Our heartfelt thanks to all for making this a very robust ten years.”

DirectTrust acknowledged the following individuals as Interoperability Heroes who have been instrumental in the organization’s formation and growth:

  • Dr. John Blair, MedAllies
  • Aneesh Chopra, CareJourney
  • Don Jorgenson, Inpriva
  • Dr. David Kibbe, The Kibbe Group
  • Julie Maas, EMR Direct
  • Dr. Luis Maas, EMR Direct
  • Arien Malec, Change Healthcare
  • Dr. David McCallie, Retired
  • Greg Meyer, VMware
  • Dr. Farzad Mostashari, Aledade
  • Sean Nolan, Retired
  • Scott Rea, DigitalTrust
  • Wes Rishel, Retired
  • Linda Van Horn, iShare Medical

Since its formation in April 2012, DirectTrust has advanced healthcare interoperability through various initiatives and accomplishments, including:

  • Cooperative Agreement with the ONC (2013)
  • Renewal of Cooperative Agreement with the ONC (2014)
  • Formation of the Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle (2015)
  • Becomes ANSI Standards Development organization (2019)
  • Direct Standard becomes ANSI Standard (2020)
  • Formation of the Event Notifications Consensus Body (2020)
  • TIM+ becomes ANSI Standard (2021)
  • Formation of Information Exchange for Human Services (2021)
  • Creation of Interop Heroes recognition program (2021)
  • Formation of Privacy-Enhancing Health Record Locator Systems Ecosystem (2022)
  • Creation of Team Interop (2022)

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