Worker safety and productivity

Workforce strategy and planning in times of crisis

Last updated:March 2021

Editor's note

Upended and accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, workforce strategy and planning are treading into new frontiers at unprecedented speeds. C-suite executives and department managers responsible for HR, IT and facilities are now collectively focused on ensuring the safe return of employees to the office, while a large majority of employees continue to work from home.

The FDA's expeditious approval of COVID-19 vaccines and their rollout are further modifying workforce strategy and planning to accommodate employees returning to the office. In the process, businesses are implementing cloud-based AI, analytics and automation technologies that consolidate digital workflows across departments, cities and oceans.

This guide examines the business reopening apps, management software and sensor technologies that ensure employee safety, monitor employee health, measure behavior, track personal protective equipment inventories, schedule employee shifts, and keep employees informed, engaged and productive. We also report on how the pandemic has forced businesses to rethink, reinvent and redesign their workplaces.

1Managing workplace safety and productivity

As employees gradually return to the office from remote locations, HR, IT and facilities managers are implementing cloud-based AI, machine learning, analytics, collaboration, automation and sensor technologies to ensure worker safety and seamless digital workflows.

2Returning to a hybrid office workplace

In this series of videos, ServiceNow's Kevin Nanney and TechTarget's Jamison Cush discuss post-pandemic reopening strategies, health and safety procedures, vaccine rollouts, workplace changes, workflow technologies, management tools and employee engagement.

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