ServiceNow CMDB Webinar Series

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CMDB best practices from Now on Now experts

The CMDB offers a single system of record for gauging how IT service issues or outages affect the business, ensuring your software licenses are compliant, and more. It’s your view into the true operational state across your IT environment.

At ServiceNow®, we use the CMDB as the foundation for digital transformation. Join us for Part Two of our three-part CMDB series as our Now on Now experts share:

  • Best practices to follow for deploying a healthy CMDB
  • How to use the CMDB for driving risk assessments, performing impact analysis
  • A comprehensive walkthrough of our CMDB demo

CMDB Webinar Series Part Two: CMDB best practices from Now on Now experts

Hosted by:

Joe Corpion, director IT, Now on Now
Glen Kaminski, senior manager, technical product marketing, ITOM
Lisa Wolfe, senior manager, product marketing, ITOM

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