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Where DevOps goes wrong

When an organization contemplates a move to DevOps, it needs to be ready to upend the status quo and leave behind traditional ways of development. It also must break up its highly specialized infrastructure groups that are accustomed to doing their thing in their way. These are big changes, and there are many DevOps challenges to overcome to reach the goals of smooth and continuous development.

Plenty of companies take a skeptical view of DevOps. Some consider this reluctance to be nothing more than complacency at its worst. To an organization with effective -- or at least functioning -- dev and ops teams, though, the reticence is understandable. Who has the inclination -- or the time -- to take on a whole new way of conducting IT?

Part of the apprehension about DevOps is that it will be difficult to get right and easy to get wrong. This is a perfectly natural worry. DevOps challenges even the most capable organizations. But adoption is possible, especially when you start with a reasonable idea of what to do -- and what not to do.

IT trainer Adam Bertram explores five common DevOps mistakes in this handbook's first article. Too little automation will hold back progress, but, he notes, too much focus on the technology around DevOps can hinder actual software development. Bertram also delves into how particular actions by a company's leaders can stall the effective integration of dev and ops teams.

Organizations can, however, surmount these DevOps challenges and prevent common obstacles from knocking them off course. It's not easy, but it can be done.

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