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Last updated:September 2017

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IT administrators who want to learn DevOps techniques cannot always convince their superiors to allow them to test out configuration management tools or practice container deployment on a production server.

With many companies unwilling to invest in training activities, the admin must take charge and find a way to explore exciting, in-demand skills. A home lab is one way to try out tools and techniques on a single laptop with free tools. This guide will help you build a DevOps home lab.

You can learn DevOps approaches to IT administration and pick up new skills. This DevOps lab creates an immutable infrastructure that will enable you to spin up Docker containers.

The first project in the lab series gets Vagrant to deploy a Linux VM and extend the configuration to three VMs. In step two, learn to use Git version control to manage infrastructure as code. Step three takes you through the basics of Ansible to configure the Linux VMs and create a stack that is consistent and redeployable. Finally, in step four, use Docker swarm mode to run containers in those VMs.

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