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April 2018, Vol. 1, No. 1

Embrace change to make the DevOps operating model succeed

The DevOps operating model is a partnership, and, like any partnership, the participants need to move a little to find a solution that benefits everyone. Because operational folks tend to focus on controlling change, they are in many ways the opposite of development groups, which embrace change. Over many years, IT operations professionals have seen both good and bad results from changes to software. While changes are usually more positive than negative, it's easy to remember a time when a change created a problem and easy to forget when everything went right. It's the ops team that deals with the consequences, so this history has soured operations teams on change. Logic would dictate that operations should move to the middle and work seamlessly with the development teams. However, logic falls short in changing minds when it comes to the fear of outages and upset customers. It's more than just outages. Operations teams deal with configuration control and IT infrastructure library (ITIL). The change itself isn't always bad, but ...

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