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Top 15 DevOps blogs to read and follow

The DevOps community is big, but here are some of the top DevOps blogs to read that cover everything from tips for beginners, the latest news and how-tos.

Between the culture, processes, tools and latest trends, there is a lot to know about DevOps -- and there is no shortage of content across the internet that covers it all.

Depending on your DevOps interests and perspectives, that might be a good thing. For many, it's overwhelming to parse through all the case studies on adoption, technical recommendations and tutorials, product reviews, trends and latest news.

Don't get lost on the web. Check out these top 15 DevOps blogs from experienced developers, consultants, vendors and thought leaders across the industry.

1. The Agile Admin

The Agile Admin blog covers topics such as DevOps, Agile, cloud computing, infrastructure automation and open source, to name a few. It is run by sysadmins and developers Ernest Mueller, James Wickett, Karthik Gaekwad and Peco Karayanev. Beginners should start with this blog's thorough introduction to DevOps before they dive into deeper discussions and more technical subjects, such as site reliability engineering (SRE), monitoring and observability.

2. Apiumhub blog

Apiumhub is a software development company in Barcelona. Its Apiumhub blog looks at Agile web and app development, industry trends, tools and, of course, DevOps. Readers will find expertise from the company's DevOps pros as well as tips from contributors. The blog discusses best practices for technical DevOps processes and includes other resources, such as a list of DevOps experts to follow.

3. Atlassian DevOps blog

Atlassian is a software company that offers products for software development, project management, collaboration and code quality. It also produces a bimonthly newsletter and blog site called Work Life, which includes a section about DevOps. The DevOps blog posts cover subjects such as DevSecOps, CI/CD integrations, compliance and toolchains. Also included are surveys with DevOps professionals. Be aware that some of the content is designed to align with the various products that Atlassian offers.

4. Azure DevOps Blog

Microsoft's Azure DevOps blog does not post a lot of its own tutorials or tips, but instead publishes Azure updates and a weekly top stories roundup from across the web. While aimed primarily at Microsoft users, the blog offers useful insights for most anyone. The content changes weekly, sometimes with different themes that will expand a reader's knowledge.

5. Capital One Tech blog

The Capital One Tech blog posts go beyond DevOps to cover enterprise technology across the board, but regularly looks into the company's DevOps journey. With posts from Capital One's software engineers, this blog creatively breaks down its commitment to DevOps, from its pipeline design to creation of the open source, end-to-end monitoring tool Hygieia.

6. Code as Craft

A diary of sorts for the online marketplace Etsy, Code as Craft publicly discusses the tools it uses, its software projects and experience with public cloud infrastructure. The blog posts are not laser-focused on DevOps, but are generally informative and review Etsy's experiments, some that might be outside the scope of the average developer.

7. DevOpsGroup blog

The DevOpsGroup offers services to help enterprises adopt and maintain DevOps and the cloud. The company's blog focuses on the people behind DevOps, and tackles subjects such as burnout and the role of a scrum master. It also offers technical tutorials, such as how to set up Puppet -- as well as broader overviews, such as how to select CI/CD tools.

DevOps podcasts

When your eyes need a break, give these podcasts a listen. Hear active DevOps practitioners and accomplished veterans describe their experiences with service mesh, open source tools, the latest news across the tech world and more.

8. DZone DevOps Zone

DZone, a site geared toward software developers, evolved from CEO Rick Ross' Javalobby to now cover 14 topics, or "zones," such as AI, cloud and Java, and a DevOps Zone. Tools, tutorials, news, oh my! Readers can find content about everything from Docker and Kubernetes to continuous delivery/continuous deployment and testing packaged in articles, webinars, research reports, short technical walkthroughs called "Refcardz," and even comics. Go in with a specific query or be prepared to spend time browsing.

9. Everything DevOps thread

The Everything DevOps Reddit thread is not technically a blog, but it is a valuable source for anyone interested in DevOps. With numerous threads daily, from Q&As to tips from DevOps practitioners, there is something for everyone. Readers will learn about the latest trends and practices for monitoring pipelines, mastering new DevOps skills and more.

10. iHeavy

Sean Hull, a DevOps and cloud solutions architect, runs his iHeavy blog with a more personable approach to talk about and teach DevOps. His posts present step-by-step tutorials and technical recommendations, but he also doles out advice for the less mechanical aspects of DevOps. For example, check out this post on how to handle people who say they are not paying invoices during a pandemic. The iHeavy blog also has a tab for CTO/CIO topics and advice for startups.

11. IT Revolution

Gene Kim, author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, founded IT Revolution to share DevOps practices and processes with the growing DevOps community. IT Revolution's blog posts dive into the culture of DevOps, with articles on leadership, communication and Agile practices. Blog authors include Kim and software development experts Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel. In addition to the blog, IT Revolution publishes books, hosts events and supports research projects.

12. Mark Shead's vlog

Agile coach and software engineer Mark Shead creates animated videos that explain basic DevOps and Agile concepts. These entertaining videos cover principals such as Agile transformation, methodology and user stories in short bursts -- perfect for people looking to dip their toes into DevOps or those who want a quick refresher.

13. The Netflix Tech Blog

This is another blog that provides an expansive look into how a large enterprise applies DevOps practices and principles to its operations. The Netflix Tech blog features posts written by Netflix's data scientists and software and site reliability engineers, giving readers a first-hand behind-the-screen view of one of the biggest streaming services. Topics span the enterprise's operations, from machine learning to data infrastructure, but there's plenty for DevOps fans to appreciate, such as Netflix's experiences with incident management, application monitoring and continuous delivery -- which includes some in-house tools, such as Spinnaker, which is now open source.

14. Scott Hanselman's blog

The Scott Hanselman blog is run by Scott Hanselman, a programmer, teacher, speaker and member of the web platform team at Microsoft. It averages about four posts a month -- going back as far as 2002 -- that vary from product reviews to Docker tutorials. This DevOps blog includes screenshots of what readers can expect to see when they try it for themselves as well as code examples.

15. Stackify DevOps blog

Stackify is an application performance management vendor, but its DevOps blog covers information for anyone looking to learn more about DevOps with any software. It offers readers tricks, tips and resources, digging into best practices for broad topics such as adoption, implementation and security. It also provides detailed information for beginners on popular platforms, such as AWS, Kubernetes and Azure Container Service.

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