AWS OpsCenter and Moogsoft AIOps integrate for IT productivity

By integrating AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter and Moogsoft AIOps platforms, the vendors hope to reduce alert noise, automate remediation and solve incidents faster.

AWS Systems Manager OpsCenter has integrated with Moogsoft AIOps to boost productivity for DevOps engineers. By integrating the systems, the vendors intend to detect and remediate operational issues quickly.

AWS Systems Manager is AWS' operational hub for hybrid cloud deployments, and OpsCenter enables users to view, investigate and resolve operational issues from a central location. The offering displays issues in a standardized view with relevant data and Systems Manager Automation documents to allow for easy diagnosis and remediation.

Moogsoft Inc., an AI provider for IT operations and AWS partner, uses its enterprise platform Moogsoft AIOps to simplify IT environments, analyze alerts and enhance visibility.

The integration between OpsCenter and Moogsoft AIOps intends to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio, suggest root causes and enable cross-team collaboration to solve incidents faster.

Noise, or low-priority alerts and notifications, blocks engineers from identifying serious issues in a timely manner. According to OpsRamp, establishing data accuracy and cutting through noise is a leading challenge for IT teams.

AWS and Moogsoft hope to improve DevOps engineers' productivity with the following capabilities of the integration:

  • OpsItems deduplication logic and AI filters OpsItem noise automatically and clusters related OpsItems into Moogsoft Situations for noise reduction.
  • Contextual investigative data and Moogsoft's root cause and collaboration features enable faster remediation of OpsItems.
  • Automating remediation workflows and using machine learning reduces incidents.

The vendors claim the integration reduces mean time to resolution, freeing up more time for innovation. OpsCenter's open API ingests event data across the entire AWS service stack without end-user effort, and with Moogsoft AIOps, automates the event-to-resolution workflow with AI and machine learning -- reducing event noise, clustering alerts into Situations, providing probable root cause analysis and enabling collaboration by integrating with IT service management, notification, orchestration and remediation systems.

While OpsCenter is the aggregation point for operational issues and enables contextual investigation and remediation actions, Moogsoft industrializes OpsItem data and uses its AIOps to surface critical IT incidents, cluster related OpsItems and offer a collaboration workflow to the issue.

OpsRamp also found that 87% of IT professionals believe AIOps tools deliver value with proactive IT operations and improve resilience of hybrid infrastructures.

The release of AWS System Manager and Moogsoft's integration of services closely follows Moogsoft AIOps' most recent upgrade; released in May, Moogsoft AIOps 7.2 brought a new workflow engine, AI visualizations, performance dashboards and new tool integrations.

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