5 IT automation examples that ops teams should implement today


Tap into the growing benefits of IT automation

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Automation has emerged as an indispensable tool for IT, enabling teams to effectively handle a myriad of routine tasks that are otherwise time-consuming and error-prone. As a result, IT automation examples and use cases are now diverse and far-reaching, from VM deployments to help desk response.

The benefits of IT automation -- including rapid scalability, simpler routine system maintenance, enhanced workflows and improved customer satisfaction -- apply to both technology and the business.

And while there is always a need for human intervention, particularly in IT troubleshooting, an organization can never derive the greatest possible value from an IT staff crowded by tedious manual tasks. One of the most significant IT automation benefits is that it frees IT professionals from daily firefighting, enabling them to focus instead on creative and innovative endeavors that yield long-term business benefits.

Of course, to achieve any of these advantages, operations admins first have to identify how and where to apply automated workflows. Let's explore 5 common IT automation examples and the tools and skill sets that make them possible.

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