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Quiz yourself on the latest IT trends from 2021 so far

From a string of acquisitions to companies embracing DevSecOps, 2021's news cycle hasn't slowed down. Do you know the top stories? Find out with this quiz.

With the rate of change in IT, there's no shortage of news on familiar and anticipated technologies.

The biggest IT operations stories so far this year pertain to infrastructure planning and management, systems monitoring, distributed application architecture and hybrid and multi-cloud management.

2021 has been off to a busy start with a handful of significant acquisitions and a shift in enterprises and big-name adoptions of modern IT ops practices more quickly due to COVID-19. IT operations is becoming increasingly intricate and integral as DevOps and cloud-native applications see a steady surge in adoption. Companies like Red Hat, VMware and Atlassian have spent millions of dollars to stay at the forefront of these sectors.

How well did you keep up with the market so far this year? Test yourself on the biggest stories in the IT operations industry.

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