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WLAN systems: Know specific business needs before buying

Selecting the right enterprise WLAN tools for your organization requires careful consideration of business needs and a frank assessment of existing business infrastructure. As with many IT buying decisions, the question of cloud or on premises looms large. Beyond that, wireless LAN technology providers offer specialized products designed for just about any deployment, so it's imperative potential buyers consider all the essential details.

Look at the wireless needs of a standard office, where a signal has to permeate around cubicles and through walls. Juxtapose those with a manufacturing plant or warehouse with heavy machinery and high ceilings or a sprawling campus location with thousands of APs.

Beyond features related to security, deployment flexibility and ease of management, enterprise WLAN tools vendors offer advanced technologies suited to particular industries. For example, some networks wirelessly trace user movements through access points via smartphones, specifically Bluetooth radios. These foot traffic patterns are valuable data points in the retail and hospitality industries.

In this WLAN Buyer's Guide, wireless experts outline the buying process, distinguishing the major differences between cloud and on-premises WLAN tools deployments, while also exploring the essential features unique to particular industries. Also included, the experts break down the WLAN systems market, exploring the vendors and their offerings.

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