E-Handbook: Latest SD-WAN features offer better management, security Article 1 of 4

Explore SD-WAN features to best match business requirements

When purchasing vehicles, most buyers base their final choice on the vehicle feature set that best adheres to their needs and wants. One person might prefer a car that has a backup camera, heated seats and in-car Wi-Fi. Another buyer might opt for an SUV with a sunroof, four-wheel drive and extra seats. The decision ultimately comes down to which option ticks the most boxes on the checklist -- and which one has the right price tag.

This strategy applies to most buying decisions, including those in the software-defined WAN market. Potential buyers should create a list of desired SD-WAN features that fulfill both their network and business requirements.

These requirements vary for each buyer. One company might deem granular management capabilities a crucial SD-WAN feature. An enterprise that frequently adds new locations might require SD-WAN software that offers scalability. And a financial company might be more concerned about choosing an SD-WAN option with security features that meet certain regulations.

This handbook explores a handful of SD-WAN features, including traffic management and built-in analytics, and describes how users can filter their options. It also discusses areas where vendor differentiation is lacking and where SD-WAN could use some help.