Techniques to get started with green networking

'Emerging Green Technologies' details how technology is a flexible tool organizations can use to make business operations more sustainable. Here's how to make your network green.

Organizations across the globe face mounting pressure to go green in all aspects of their business, and environmentally conscious consumers are the main driving force of this change.

According to a 2021 study from Simon-Kucher & Partners, over a third of global consumers prefer to purchase from companies with sustainability efforts. But shareholders, too, value sustainability when evaluating companies in which to invest. Forbes estimated that almost two-thirds of organizations have implemented sustainability practices.

For those organizations ready to start their sustainability journey, green networking presents an undervalued yet vital path to start. For example, radio access network operations account for 30% of the carbon footprint of mobile communication, according to Matthew N. O. Sadiku, author of Emerging Green Technologies from Taylor & Francis Group.

In his book, Sadiku identifies green technologies businesses can use as they work toward sustainable development. In Chapter 10, "Green Communications and Networking," he underscores strategies to manage networks in ways that support low carbon emission goals. To make the transition to sustainability usually requires a hefty expenditure. But, eventually, organizations earn a profit -- not just monetarily, but also environmentally and socially -- from going green.

Making information communications technology (ICT) green will be crucial to achieve a sustainable society, Sadiku wrote, adding that green communications technologies are imperative to energy savings. Green communications enables sustainable telecommunication with energy-efficient techniques. Green networking, on the other hand, is when network professionals operate networks with energy-efficient strategies to minimize energy use.

In this chapter excerpt, Sadiku discusses green communications and green networking, highlights the importance of making these technologies green and provides strategies on how to do so.

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