Ixia network packet broker, cybersecurity test introduced

Ixia launched two new products for networking and security: the Ixia network packet broker, Vision X, for data center visibility and Ixia BreakingPoint QuickTest to gauge device and network security.

Keysight's Ixia released two new developments for networking and security: the Vision X network packet broker to help users manage growing and evolving data centers and BreakingPoint QuickTest for evaluating the performance and security of devices and networks.

Vision X is a high-density, modular platform that enterprises can scale and modify as their data centers change. With a three-rack unit design, the Ixia network packet broker conserves both power and rack space. Combining a small footprint with flexible upgrade and expansion options -- such as speed and bandwidth -- Vision X will improve overall ROI, according to the vendor.

As a network packet broker, Vision X aggregates data flows and distributes them to relevant tools, like security or monitoring, to ensure data center visibility and coverage, enabling users to execute business decisions quickly.

Ixia Vision X includes the following features and capabilities:

  • ability to aggregate up to 6 Tbps of total traffic;
  • flexibility to expand or change data center monitoring using customizable, hot-swappable modules with multispeed port choices;
  • process up to 2 Tbps of data at speeds of 10 Gbps to 100 Gbps and deliver it to the appropriate tool;
  • zero-loss packet processing with Ixia's Dynamic Filter Compiler;
  • time-saving configuration with a drag-and-drop GUI;
  • compatibility with Ixia's family of network packet brokers; and
  • centralized control of network monitoring when combined with Ixia Fabric Controller (IFC).

Other specs of Ixia's network packet broker include high-density 100 Gigabit Ethernet, 3RU modular chassis; four front modules and one rear module; hot-swappable fans, power and modules; Precision Time Protocol 1588 timestamping; priority-based filtering; and IFC clustering with other Vision platforms on a single pane of glass.

Vision X ensures inline security monitoring by inspecting live traffic for malware and attacks without compromising network availability. The network packet broker also delivers network traffic to out-of-band monitoring tools, making it easy for users to identify relevant interactions, according to Ixia.

Gartner estimated the network performance monitoring and diagnostics tools market -- including network packet brokers and network automation -- to be $2.2 billion and predicted, by 2020, organizations will shift away from traditional on-premises data centers and move toward cloud or hybrid infrastructure services.

Ixia's BreakingPoint QuickTest intends to simplify and accelerate cybersecurity assessments to defend against network security threats. The vendor claims that, typically, these assessments require complex tools and knowledgeable staff to run.

BreakingPoint QuickTest provides individual test methodologies based on the type of test needed. Test suites include Performance, to measure system performance while handling varied application traffic; NetSecOPEN; Encryption Performance; and Security.

The cybersecurity offering is powered by Ixia's Application and Threat Intelligence Research Center. The suites are continuously updated, and each test run comes with expert analysis, actionable insights and recommendations.

With a shortage of cybersecurity talent, easy-to-use systems like BreakingPoint QuickTest enable organizations to uphold security standards and avoid breaches, according to the vendor.

BreakingPoint QuickTest comes with a simplified UI and can be accessed from the same platform as Ixia's preceding BreakingPoint testing system.

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