Aerohive Networks launches new Wi-Fi management products

Aerohive Networks is using AI and machine learning to provide behavior insights for Wi-Fi management with the launch of its new products, Traffic Insights and Maximum Client Capabilities.

Aerohive Networks has launched Traffic Insights and Maximum Client Capabilities -- two new products that use AI and machine learning to provide behavior insights for Wi-Fi management and implementation decisions.

Traffic Insights uses presence and proximity based on Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth Low Energy to provide insights into client behavior, while Maximum Client Capabilities automatically detects and verifies Wi-Fi features and capabilities on all connected clients across all Wi-Fi bands. This provides informed Wi-Fi management.

According to Aerohive, Traffic Insights also gives administrators graphical visibility and analysis of sets of associated and passive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth clients. Admins can see their connections and movement patterns across customer-defined zones. Customers can also track an individual client or asset for their current location and look at their movement over a period of time. As for businesses, Traffic Insights can be used to analyze asset usage patterns to improve their business for layout, placement of services and merchandise, and demand planning.

Maximum Client Capabilities was designed to enhance Aerohive's already existing management capabilities, like Network 360 and Client 360. According to Aerohive, Maximum Client Capabilities reduces the Opex and time tied to network specialists' dependency on manual equipment in order to capture, analyze and understand client device capabilities.

Aerohive decided to create these two new products after conducting interviews with customers, partners and industry analysts. According to Aerohive, it identified that the enterprise demands a FAST future: flexibility in deployment, hardware, licensing, expansion and upgrade options; actionable insights driven by machine learning and AI to understand and automatically characterize and optimize infrastructure and clients; security across the network, to protect against cyberattacks; and technology innovations that provide new features to meet demands place on infrastructure.

Traffic Insights and Maximum Client Capabilities are the direct result of Aerohive's aim to create FAST products.

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