F5 Networks updates NGINX Application Platform, other tools

Updates include improved security and observability features, a new developer portal, API importing and improved analytics and configuration management.

F5 Networks has added and tweaked a handful of tools in an effort to help DevOps, NetOps and SecOps teams work together to deliver applications.

F5 Networks has been working on the updates since acquiring NGINX and its NGINX Application Platform in May. The suite includes NGINX Plus for load balancing and application delivery, NGINX Web Application Firewall for security, NGINX Unit to run application code and NGINX Controller to monitor and manage the platform.

The F5 Networks updates include the following changes to NGINX Application Platform and other tools:

Open source projects: F5 Networks hopes to accelerate the development of NGINX open source technologies, including upcoming HTTP/3 capabilities in NGINX Open Source. It has also worked on improving proxying and network capabilities in the NGINX Unit application server.

NGINX Application Platform: There are four new versions of products that build on NGINX Open Source, which were designed to consolidate 13 tools into one software platform, according to F5 Networks. The new versions of products include improved security and observability features in NGINX Plus, a new developer portal and API importing in the NGINX Controller API Management Module, improved analytics and configuration management in the NGINX Controller Load Balancing Module and the addition of custom resource definitions in NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller.

Arm and NS1: Arm and NGINX created Arm Neoverse-based tools for a range application and runs on Amazon EC2 A1 instances in the AWS Cloud. NGINX also introduced a new certified module that integrates NS1 global server load balancing with NGINX Plus.

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