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Using microsegmentation to create a secure communication channel

This week, bloggers look at a startup using microsegmentation to create a secure communication channel, FireEye and customized managed network services.

In a recent post on Packet Pushers, Drew Conry-Murray examined startup Tempered Networks, which aims to build a secure communication channel to endpoints. Each secure communication channel is intended to operate over both trusted and untrusted networks, and it's initially targeted at point-of-sale devices, ATMs, industrial systems and medical equipment.

The secure communication channel system uses the Host Identity Protocol to uniquely identify each device in a network through public or private keys. The protocol underscores Tempered's HIPswitch technology -- installed on either physical or virtual appliances placed in front of IP endpoints -- to create the channel. To manage the system, Tempered relies on an orchestration system, dubbed a conductor, to set up connections between HIPswitches. According to Conry-Murray, medium enterprise offerings start at $27,000, with individual HIPswitches for sale at $995.

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Kevin Mandia steps up as FireEye CEO

Jon Oltsik, an analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group Inc., in Milford, Mass., shared his thoughts about an interview fellow ESG analyst Doug Cahill conducted with Kevin Mandia, the new CEO at FireEye Inc., based in Milpitas, Calif.

According to Oltsik, Mandia is interested in using products and engineering innovation to anchor services as FireEye moves forward. A global shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, meantime, has steered many buyers toward FireEye as a Service, as they seek an alternative to trying to administer standalone security apps themselves.

Mandia said he sees endpoint security rapidly transitioning, as organizations add endpoint detection and response projects and threat prevention controls. Simultaneously, Mandia said he believes FireEye offers one of the best threat intelligence services, through a combination of threat telemetry and Mandiant internal incident response intelligence. (Editor's note: FireEye purchased Mandiant for $1 billion in 2014.) According to Oltsik, Mandia said he believes the cybersecurity landscape is in its fifth phase today, characterized by a wave of ransomware and extortion.

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Caution with customized managed network services

Ted Corbett, an analyst at Gartner, delved into the subject of customized managed network services (MNS). Amidst skills gaps and understaffing, many enterprises turn to customized services, but according to Corbett, these services "don't pan out quite so rosy." Many organizations pay MNS providers more for lower-quality service.

Noncustomized options focus on standardization of offers, repeatability and automation -- the opposite of customized. Customized services often cost more and require more manual processes, creating permanent one-offs. Corbett recommended organizations should stay in the "Goldilocks zone," with predictable business outcomes and lower costs.

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