Juniper goes AI-native with its networking platform

Juniper Networks' recent announcements point to its overarching plans to provide end-to-end network context and support GenAI strategies with its networking platform.

January is turning out to be a good month for Juniper Networks. HPE first announced its planned acquisition of Juniper, and Juniper has since released a significant set of product announcements related to AI.

The highlight for me is the AI-Native Networking Platform. While this AI platform was called out as one of the significant pieces of the acquisition, this launch really drives home its value. The platform demonstrates its extensibility by adding the data center networking domain, and the ability to simulate users, devices and application traffic on its Wi-Fi access points (APs). The platform does this using the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) for Data Center and Marvis Minis, which brings digital twin capabilities to simulate end users, clients, devices or app traffic.

In addition to these AIOps-related announcements, Juniper is also making the case for its network offerings to be deployed in support of GenAI GPU clusters.

Why are these announcements important?

Below are some reasons why Juniper's latest announcements are important.


The announcements highlight Juniper's innovation and provide proof that the vendor is continuing to execute against its vision to create a seamless end-to-end network platform to drive better experiences.

End-to-end context

The AI-Native Platform now covers data center networks, campus and branch wired and Wi-Fi networks, software-defined WAN, and simulated end users, devices and application traffic. This end-to-end context should provide faster troubleshooting and more proactive capabilities. Juniper CEO, Rami Rahim, often refers to this as the flywheel effect -- the more domains and context available, the better the results.

Data center automation

Organizations want to add AI and automation to the data center network, according to TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group research report, End-to-end Network Visibility and Management, published in April 2023. Research shows that 48% of respondents want or plan to deploy automation in the data center. With Marvis VNA for Data Center, organizations can help reduce the complexity and time when troubleshooting and get more time for strategic initiatives.

Network validation

The ability to virtually simulate end users, devices and application traffic in Wi-Fi APs without adding more hardware enables organizations to proactively validate the network is ready for business and running at an optimal state. This ensures users have positive experiences on the network.

GenAI positioning

GenAI environments are being rapidly deployed, and Juniper wants to be on the short list of vendors to build out Ethernet-based network infrastructure that supports GPU clusters. Juniper highlights its Express 5 silicon-based PTX routers with 800 gigabit Ethernet capacity and a QFX switch that uses Broadcom Tomahawk 5 silicon for 800 GbE and twice the capacity. Both offerings include support for Remote Direct Memory Access over Ethernet and can use Apstra to help with congestion, load balancing and flow control.

These announcements provide a comprehensive approach for both AI for networking, as well as networking strategies for GenAI environments. While the future looks bright, Juniper needs to continue to highlight the benefits of its AI-Native Networking Platform, such as its ability to reduce the number of trouble tickets and cost and deliver better experiences. For the network infrastructure for GenAI GPU environments, Juniper needs to provide customers with validated designs and demonstrate its effectiveness in real-world environments.

Bob Laliberte is a principal analyst at TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group who focuses on existing and emerging network technologies, and on application and network performance management products and services used by enterprises and service providers.

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