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Test your wireless knowledge: What is 802.11ax?

Despite global hype, some network professionals still wonder what 802.11ax is and how it will change networking. This quiz covers essential information all Wi-Fi aficionados should know.

The next generation of wireless has finally come of age, but the young standard may not be ready to rule just yet.

Dubbed 802.11ax, this generation is next to receive the wireless crown. But what is 802.11ax, and what does this new leader mean for networks everywhere? The standard has already received an assortment of accolades about its capabilities and advancements, but the facts can sometimes get lost in the widespread industry buildup.

This quiz will test your awareness of 802.11ax and help you discover what you know about and what to expect from the wireless heir apparent. The following 10 questions explore industry expectations, benefits and differentiating factors of 802.11ax from its predecessors.

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