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SAP HANA platform now a baseline for innovation, says expert

The most interesting thing about the SAP HANA in-memory platform is not merely its fast performance, but that it makes the really interesting stuff possible, according to analyst Joshua Greenbaum.

"You've got a base level of innovation that HANA brings. Plain and simple, you're going to run things faster," said Greenbaum, president of Enterprise Applica­tions Consulting, based in Berkeley, Calif. "More importantly … for customers and SAP, [is] using that HANA instance as a baseline of innovation on which you start building net-new innovation. Someone described it today as 'the innovation we haven't imagined yet.'"

In this video filmed at the SAP Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, Greenbaum talks about the present and future of the SAP HANA platform and what that new innovation includes. Greenbaum also talks about the importance of the new SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, which allows companies to run their SAP Business Suite software on SAP HANA in a managed cloud environment by SAP.

"Customers need a lot of help getting SAP HANA deployed, deployed quickly, [and] deployed at the lowest possible cost," Greenbaum said. "Having essentially their own cloud environment, SAP's own cloud environment, really helps accelerate that."

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