Cryptography quiz questions and answers: Test your smarts

"Now, it's time for Annie's secret message for you members of the secret circle. Remember kids, only members of Annie's secret circle can decode Annie's secret message." -- narrator of the Little Orphan Annie radio show in A Christmas Story

Yes, Little Orphan Annie knew the importance of encryption -- even if the resulting decoded message only contained a crummy commercial, at least in Ralphie Parker's case.

Encryption in the real world -- and its underlying methodology of cryptography -- is a must-have in today's burgeoning threat landscape. Much like Little Orphan Annie only wanted members of her secret circle to decode her coded message, enterprise security teams must ensure sensitive data and communications are encrypted properly and only able to be decrypted by the intended parties.

Cryptography, encryption and decryption, though at times daunting and confusing, are fundamentals of infosec and cybersecurity. Knowing their ins and outs is essential for any security professional.

Think you know all there is to know? Put your knowledge to the test with this cryptography quiz -- secret decoder pin optional.

Links to further info are in the answers to help you understand any questions you got wrong.

Good luck! Remember: Annie is depending on you.

This was last updated in May 2021

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