E-Handbook: Customer identity and access management: Why now and how? Article 1 of 4

The critical word in customer identity and access management

When it comes to customer identity and access management tools, the types and variety of vendor offerings is exploding. Traditional IAM can't provide the type of access and identity authentication customer transactions demand.

The obvious difference between traditional IAM and CIAM tools is the latter are customer-facing. CIAM must enable customer use of company's apps, websites and the like, but also deliver a smooth, enjoyable experience. CIAM tools must work across a range of devices that the customer chooses (and let customers make a transaction on more than one device. Anyone who's loaded up an online shopping cart on a phone and completed their purchase on a home desktop knows what I mean). Bottom line: If your corporate IAM system is a hassle, your employees grumble but cope. If your customer identity and access management is a hassle, your customers walk.

 This handbook on customer identity and access management is a primer for IT buyers. It examines the unique functions CIAM serves and discusses what features -- like scalability, consistency, social media interface and so on -- are essential. Let our experts guide you through the maze that is CIAM now, and ease your talks with vendors as you assess new products and services.

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