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Why adding AI to your security setup is essential now

The word artificial might be in the name, but it's clear that artificial intelligence's value is quite real. That's true throughout various industries, and it goes for the IT security field too. AI security tools -- particularly those that use machine learning -- are quickly proving their value.

There are plenty of real-life examples that demonstrate the possible uses of AI in security. AI-powered products can sandbox malware, identify risky HTTP addresses and much more. No wonder AWS now offers an AI-backed service and Microsoft just announced cloud-based AI security products. A quick perusal of TechTarget websites, or a fast Google search, makes it clear that AI offers serious and much-needed aid to security teams.

But to get AI security working for your organization, you need to be able to sort out the vendor hype and be able to see what a particular product can (or can't) do for your unique situation. The experts in this guide can help. One looks, for example, at how applying AI security technology to various categories of behavior allows a team to react swiftly to threats. AI products can even spot potential threats before they attack, as another contributor points out.

Recent research shows that there are hundreds of thousands of new types of malware created daily. That alone makes AI products worth a security team's serious attention. But if you factor in an AI-powered product's ability to take over essential but monotonous tasks -- thus allowing security pros to focus on more high-level work -- then the potential value of this advanced technology expands exponentially.

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