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October 2017, Vol. 19, No. 8

Agnes Kirk on the role of CISO, Washington's state of mind

Agnes Kirk has played a key part in the security posture of Washington state for 12 years. The CSO role was created in 2004, and she took the position in 2005. But the work included ever-growing cybersecurity responsibilities as more and more government functions moved online. When the separate role of CISO was created, Kirk got the job. Appointed by the state CIO, Kirk serves in both the role of CISO and as head of the Washington State Office of Cyber Security. The OCS, which is part of Washington Technology Solutions, sets the strategic direction for protecting the state's information and infrastructure -- transportation networks, power systems and financial services. Kirk also chairs the state of Washington Cyber Incident Response Center and serves on multiple boards and committees. In July 2017, the Washington state National Guard's cybersecurity unit indicated plans to become more involved in national and local incident response. Like many states, Washington has weathered its share of damaging cyberattacks. In October 2016,...

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