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August 2020, Vol. 21, No. 3

The case for cybersecurity by design in application software

Application security is a constant concern for both companies and users. But, although vulnerabilities put corporate and customer data at risk, cybersecurity has historically been an afterthought in software development. In the early days, even the internet didn't have much in the way of security. Thankfully, over the past few years, many companies have realized the benefits of proactively including security from a project's beginning -- making it an inherent part of a product in the design phase, instead of waiting until the final build to determine its security shortcomings. Even so, too many organizations still overlook the importance of taking a cybersecurity-by-design approach throughout the entire product lifecycle -- design, build, release, maintenance and retirement. As a result, data breaches at some of the biggest organizations in the world continue to make headlines. Business drivers like time to market and profitability usually take precedence over security, but consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact...

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