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Cybersecurity impact analysis template for pandemic planning

This template from IANS Research can help IT and security professionals document and prioritize essential processes, staffing and systems when faced with a pandemic event.

The novel coronavirus is affecting business, technology and information security communities and professionals in profound ways. Uncertainty continues to swirl around the COVID-19 virus and the short- and long-term effects it will have on companies and their employees, making business continuity planning especially difficult.

Pandemic planning is very much tied to non-cybersecurity roles, including human resources, legal and IT departments that are providing important communications and instructing employees on best practices for remaining productive in unusual circumstances. However, cybersecurity must be prepared to step in to provide the services needed to run the business while ensuring optimal levels of security.

The Pandemic impact analysis template, authored by faculty member Mike Saurbaugh at IANS (Institute for Applied Network Security), can help IT and security pros stay ahead of this fast-evolving situation and keep their staff and businesses safe and productive.

Businesses can use this template to help prioritize critical roles, procedures and assets that must be considered and put in place during a pandemic event. Organizations can customize the document by entering their own information about facilities, staff resources, businesses processes and technology, as well as the associated response or mitigation efforts needed in a crisis.

The template organizes the analysis into several essential categories that must be considered in the event of a pandemic:

  1. Roles
  2. Travel policies
  3. Critical business operations
  4. Remote access capabilities
  5. Third-party dependencies
  6. Communications plans

Upon completing the pandemic impact analysis, companies will be able to prioritize the most effective processes, staffing and systems essential to keeping the business running as close to normal as possible during a pandemic event.

Pandemic impact analysis template

Use the template to document security-related roles, procedures and assets that could be affected by a pandemic.

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The template is part of the free IANS resource, COVID-19 & InfoSec: What You Need to Know. This compilation includes advice and best practices for internal communications, transitioning employees to remote work, shoring up security defenses and overall business continuity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

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