Barracuda Advanced Bot Protection safeguards web applications

Advanced Bot Protection is a cloud-hosted platform that defends against automated threats using AI. It is available as both a web application firewall (WAF) and WAF as a service.

Barracuda has launched Advanced Bot Protection -- a cloud-hosted platform that uses AI and machine learning to help users defend against automated threats.

Citing a 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, Barracuda claims web applications are the number one attack vector for hacks resulting in breaches, and malicious bots pose a significant threat to application security.

Barracuda Advanced Bot Protection is equipped with bot space detection, credential stuffing prevention, request risk scoring, client finger printing and a  bot mitigation UI.

According to Barracuda, these features reduce referrer spam and block comment spam, block credential stuffing to stop account takeover attacks, track incoming requests and use advanced behavioral analytics to detect attackers, track users with better accuracy than IP addresses and makes it easy to configure bot mitigation features.

Additionally, Advanced Bot Protection uses AI and machine learning to identify and block malicious bots. It continuously learns from incoming traffic, detecting unusual application access patterns and calculating client risk scores, according to Barracuda.

Advanced Bot Protection is available for both the Barracuda web application firewall (WAF) and WAF-as-a-service platforms.

Barracuda competitor Cloudflare also offers a WAF platform, and states that using a WAF helps users stay ahead of threats by automatically updating itself when new security vulnerabilities are released, as opposed to requiring professional service hours to regularly update rules to protect against new threats.

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