wins RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest, which offers an AI-powered 'PrivacyOps' platform, took home the title of 'Most Innovative Startup' at RSA Conference's Innovation Sandbox Contest.

SAN FRANCISCO -- won the title of "Most Innovative Startup" at this year's RSA Conference.

The 15th annual RSAC Innovation Sandbox Competition was held Monday at RSA Conference 2020. The top 10 finalists spent Monday afternoon giving three-minute pitches to showcase an array of security products and platforms. They also presented product demonstrations, answered questions and engaged in an audience meet and greet while five judges decided on the winner.

The judges included security researcher Paul Kocher; Scott Darling, president of Dell Technologies Capital; Asheem Chandna, partner at Greylock Partners; Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point Software Technologies; and Patrick Heim, operating partner and CISO at ClearSky.

This year's winner,, based in San Jose, Calif., was founded approximately 15 months ago and aims to bring a new approach to data privacy rights and protection capabilities. The company's AI-powered "PrivacyOps" platform is designed to operationalize and simplify compliance using robotic automation and a natural language interface.'s goal is to automate all major functions needed for privacy compliance in one place. CEO Rehan Jalil, formerly the senior vice president of cloud security at Symantec, founded this new company with the goal of "managing privacy and data protection in the modern era of regulations."

"If you look at this new era, people's data is everywhere. It defines their persona, their personality -- everything about them is hidden in their data," Jalil said. "Privacy is a basic human right and physical privacy is now transferring to digital privacy and I think it will be a new era, in a few years, where data controls should be available in the hands of the people whose data it is.

"Companies want to do the right thing. Microsoft is giving rights to everyone regardless if they're in California or not. Some companies think that privacy will help them build their trust with consumers and if we can be a part of it, even a small part, it makes everything worthwhile."

Jalil said the awareness the Innovation Sandbox Contest provides, not only for but for all participants, is important.

"The Innovation Sandbox is like the Oscars for cybersecurity. We are a new company and instantly, globally, cybersecurity professionals, data professionals, privacy professionals will know about this, and they'll potentially solve this thing and that means everything to us as a small company."

Innovation Sandbox finalists

The other nine Innovation Sandbox finalists, listed alphabetically, include:

AppOmni: Providing a software-as-a-service platform, AppOmni prevents data leaks through monitoring and alerts. The San Francisco-based startup offers the ability to scan, secure and monitor applications using firewalls and access controls, with on-demand visibility into the cloud.

Blubracket: Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Blubracket offers enterprise security products to discover and classify code, detect and monitor risks. The security vendor provides companies an "insight into where source code introduces security risk while also enabling them to secure their code, without altering developer workflows or productivity," according to their website.

Elevate Security: Elevate, based in Berkeley, Calif., brings a new approach to cybersecurity training with a web-based platform that focuses on shifting human behavior and responses to security threats in order to prevent future breaches. The vendor offers a way to measure and analyze employee's security behaviors, as well as observe trends and deliver personalized communications to discuss security habits.

ForAllSecure: ForAllSecure offers next-generation fuzzing "by unifying the tried-and-true methods of methods of guided fuzzing and the ingenuity of symbolic execution," according to their website. The Pittsburgh-based software vendor offers products for developers, enterprise IT and end users that find and fix vulnerabilities in run-time executable software pre-production. 

Inky: A cloud-based email protection software provider, Inky uses computer vision, AI and machine learning to combat phishing threats. Inky searches for signs of fraud and "can spot imposters by a pixel." Based in College Park, Md., the security vendor helps in the detection of spam and malware, as well as deeper spear phishing threats.

Obsidian Security Inc.: Obsidian's approach to cybersecurity focuses on a cloud detection and response platform, which investigates and responds to breaches and insider threats. Based in Newport Beach, Calif., the SaaS security company offers products to detect threats and remediate breaches with account protection, threat discovery and hunting and incident response.

Sqreen: Sqreen brings a monitoring and protection platform to application security. The San Francisco-based software company provides application security management to protect applications, increase visibility and secure code. As a provider of ASM, they claim their product helps to unify application security needs into a single platform to prevent data breaches, stop account takeovers and block business logic attacks.

Tala Security: Based in Fremont, Calif., Tala offers an AI-driven engine that automates deployment of standards-based security. The IT vendor brings a client-side web application firewall which they claim will help secure websites and web applications against attacks like Magecart and formjacking. In addition, Tala profiles website behaviors and scripts in real time with an AI-driven analytics engine.

Vulcan Cyber: Providing a vulnerability remediation platform, Tel Aviv, Israel-based Vulcan assists in the coordination of the teams, tools and tasks needed to eliminate exposure and risk. Vulcan claims to help to reduce dwell times from months to hours and enables teams to automate their vulnerability remediation processes.

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