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Business threat analytics: How does real-time data impact results?

Explore the top things you should know about real-time analytics with Johna Till Johnson and learn how it reduces false positives detected in your system on a daily basis.

Within this Security School podcast, Johna Till Johnson, CEO and founder of Nemertes Research, explains the top 10 things you need to know about real-time business threat analytics. Johnson explores the question of what real-time business threat analytics does, and each of her points are further investigated.

Till Johnson starts with some basic ideas about what she terms business threat analytics that turns security data into actionable information by cross-correlating events from multiple data sources. There is a particular emphasis on the idea that business threat analytics in real time is not just about gathering data but collecting information. From here, Till Johnson gets technical by sharing the top benefit of business threat analytics: it reduces false positives. One key example is a company that used it and saw false positives reduced from 500 detected threats a day to three or four real events that a security professional can then handle. While hundreds of false positives are an unattainable number, real-time business threat analytics creates realistic results.

Furthermore, real-time business threat analytics is a tool that should help leverage, not replace, existing tools and systems. While it can be used on its own, the best results occur when business threat analytics is combined with preexisting structures as they help real-time business threat analytics understand the programs, tools, and software. This is crucial since real-time business threat analytics relies on machine learning to understand an environment -- it is not preprogramed with rules. By using machine learning, business threat analytics determines rules to follow by monitoring your system's environment for a short period of time. This is an exciting feature as it is one of the first programs to do so, but it will definitely not be the last.

Overall, Johna Till Johnson states, "The best of the best are using real-time business threat analytics and the rest of us should probably consider it." This idea weighs heavily on the fact that real-time business threat analytics is used by 100% of the most successful security organizations based on the most recent Nemertes Research security benchmark. To discover more of the top 10 things to learn about business threat analytics, listen to Till Johnson's podcast via TechTarget's Security School.

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