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Try this cybersecurity quiz, test your cyberdefense smarts

Based on the November 2020 issue of Information Security magazine, this 10-question quiz lets you check your comprehensive knowledge of current security issues and earn CPE credit too.

Proactive defense is the only defense now that works. The question is: What does it take to switch your cybersecurity program from defense to de facto offense? That's the focus of the November 2020 edition of Information Security magazine.

It begins with looking upon AI not as an advanced tech of the future, but an essential tool today. AI is touching every corner of the cybersecurity world -- and for good reason. Its advanced capabilities are essential as threat actors grow in number and sophistication. That's why the November issue of ISM leads with an in-depth examination of AI's impact on one central element of cybersecurity: conducting security analytics. AI-enabled tools equip an organization's cybersecurity team with the ability to take down threats faster and more efficiently. Our cover story shows how to apply AI's capabilities to your data analytics efforts today.

Other essential topics in the latest ISM include a longstanding but too often overlooked area of IoT security: third-party vendors. Third parties have long been the weak link in many organizations' cybersecurity posture, and with the spread of IoT devices, that danger has grown. But, in the November ISM, an expert lays out both the problem and five solid steps security teams can take to cuts the risk without giving up the benefits outside IoT vendors can deliver.

COVID-19's impact must dominate any end-of-year cybersecurity assessment, of course. The year 2020 was the year nearly every organization shifted to work from home (WFH), and even the most forward-looking CISOs of 2019 could not have imagined they'd need to deliver cybersecurity to 100% of their employees' at-home workspaces. That shift to WFH won't end anytime soon, so in November's issue, a CISO with vast disaster management experience, whose own team has always worked remotely, assesses the WFH landscape and what next steps are essential for organizations to keep their cyberdefenses high.

AI, third parties, COVID and much more essential cybersecurity knowledge is packed into the online pages of November's e-zine. So, dive into the pages of this timely issue, and then solidify your new knowledge of the most pressing current cybersecurity concerns by taking this cybersecurity quiz. If you score seven or more correct answers, you'll also be eligible for a CPE credit.

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