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Last updated:April 2019

Editor's note

Dell Technologies World 2019 opens Monday, April 29, in Las Vegas. The merger between Dell and EMC has expanded the scope of the formerly storage-focused EMC World conference to a more general overview of IT, but there will be no shortage of data storage discussion.

On the technology front, you can expect lots of news from Dell Tech World regarding flash, hyper-converged infrastructure, data backup and the cloud.

Other topics of interest to attendees include the vendor's midrange storage offerings, VMware storage software and server-based storage. 

And please check back with our updating conference coverage when Dell Technologies World 2019 kicks off to get all of the latest news and analysis.

1Cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure take center stage

The year 2019 is bound to be another big one for the cloud at Dell Technologies World. From multi-cloud storage to cloud data protection, Dell EMC will serve up just about every variety of cloud out there today. Not to be outdone, hyper-convergence will be another big player this year, thanks to the many hyper-converged infrastructure platforms the vendor offers.

2Flash, data protection and more

The merger between Dell and EMC brought a number of changes to the vendor’s storage and data protection products. Find out what updates Dell EMC brings to the table this year and what those changes mean for its legacy backup, flash and midrange storage lines.

3Dell EMC Channel news

The Dell-EMC merger brought two large IT channel communities under one roof. Learn about the latest channel updates below.

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