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Manage OneDrive for Business storage limits, step by step

OneDrive for Business is an important cloud storage element for Microsoft 365 users. Admins should be ready to adjust the storage limits for their users.

Microsoft 365 is perhaps the top software-as-a-service platform, but it has storage limits. These limits can be problematic for businesses, especially if they use OneDrive for Business to store file data in the cloud and share files with others.

Fortunately, there are ways of working around the default OneDrive for Business storage limits.

If users need additional OneDrive space, first check the default storage limits. Log in to Microsoft 365 and open the OneDrive Admin Center. Click on the Storage tab, which details the default storage limit for Microsoft 365 users.

The default storage limit is normally 1024 GB (1 TB), but admins can increase it. Just beneath the Default Storage field, click on the link to determine the maximum storage limit for the Microsoft 365 plan.

Next, check to see if the users who are running out of space are subject to the default OneDrive for Business storage limits, or if they have a custom limit. To perform this check, open the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and select the Users tab, followed by the Active Users tab. Click on the user account to check on their storage limit. The Microsoft 365 Admin Center will display a pop-up window detailing the user's various settings.

Click on the OneDrive tab near the top of this pop-up window and the program will show a screen that summarizes the user's OneDrive usage. Here, check how much space the user currently consumes, as well as the user's OneDrive for Business storage limit.

If an increase in the storage limit for that user is necessary, click the Edit link that appears just beneath the storage used. The resulting Edit screen enables admins to set a custom storage limit separate from the default limit. Typically, depending on the Microsoft 365 plan, admins can set the limit to be as high as 5 TB.

Admins who need to further increase the user's OneDrive for Business storage limits should contact Microsoft to purchase additional space.

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