VMware View Persona Management

What is VMware View Persona Management?

VMware View Persona Management is a feature of Horizon View that stores and delivers user-specific data from a remote storage repository to virtual or physical desktops. There is also a standalone version of View Persona Management that can be installed on Windows desktops and non-VMware virtual desktops

View Persona Management stores user profiles on a remote file server and delivers them to the desktop upon login. A user profile contains all the unique data, settings and personalization related to that user, including desktop wallpaper, browser history, documents, photos and videos.

IT administrators can use View Persona Management to replace or boost the performance of existing Windows roaming user profiles. Standard user profiles reside locally on the user's PC, but roaming profiles and Horizon View user profiles live on a server and can follow users across different network-connected devices.

View Persona Management delivers files on an as-needed basis, rather than downloading the entire profile during login. Instead of saving the entire profile back to the file server at logoff, Persona Management automatically syncs profile changes to the server every 10 minutes or on any custom schedule IT chooses.

VMware released View Persona Management in 2011, first including it in Horizon View 5. View Persona Management is similar in its functionality to the User Profile Management feature in Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp. Similar third-party user profile management vendors include Liquidware Labs, AppSense and RES Software. 

This was last updated in October 2021

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