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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

  • Implementation of open source proves best choice for Just Dial
    With a business model offering local search services over multiple locations and platforms, Just Dial opts for implementation of open source infrastructure.
  • Microsoft advances betas for Windows 7, Server R2 service packs
    Windows 7 SP1 doesn't actually include any new features, but the server offers VDI features that IT shops need.
  • Microsoft unveils Azure-in-a-box
    Microsoft will sell Azure appliances to customers large enough to qualify. Will the move help Redmond compete in the private cloud market?
  • Microsoft increases cloud services margins
    Partners will now earn higher margins for selling Microsoft cloud services, including Dynamics CRM Online and Business Productivity Online Suite.
  • VARs eye Azure appliance, love Aurora
    Azure in a box will appeal to largest orgs first, new Aurora Small Business Server will be useful in the nearer term, VARs said.
  • Amazon launches HPC service in the cloud
    Amazon Web Services now offers Cluster Compute Instances, a new, surprisingly affordable high-performance computing service.
  • Metastorm brings BPM modeling to Azure cloud computing platform
    Business process management (BPM) house Metastorm has joined the fledgling ''BPM in the cloud'' movement, releasing a cloud computing-based version of its BPM modeling tools. Metastorm joins Appian, Cordys and others testing the waters of cloud-hosted software for BPM. Notably, the Metastorm offering operate in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Metastorm M3 comprises a popular subset of its modeling tools for business process building. Supported model types include process/workflow, activity, rule, project, requirement, location and other models. Business users employing the tools can chat, whiteboard and annotate models online. The subset of Metastorm models can share a subset of Metastorm objects. ''We are using Azure to host our M3 Modeler,'' said Greg Carter, CTO, MetaStorm. ''The host and repository you store models in are on the Azure platform.'' ''It's like a gigantic copy of Windows on the cloud,'' he said, noting that M3 modeling also supports private cloud and on-premise architectures. While the runtime deployment of the BPM software still resides 'off-cloud,' one can picture a hosted runtime as a next step. The software could help cut time-to-deployment, allowing business teams to forge their models and bring process re-engineering long before IT installs runtime software and hardware. At the same time it released M3, Metastorm also announced an enterprise mashup system that allows Metastorm's software and other applications to be accessed from a single user interface.
  • Agile coach Lyssa Adkins explains the topic of her new book: How to be a project manager
    Lyssa Adkins, an agile coach, author and project manager, discusses agile coaching, scrum and software leadership techniques. Working in waterfall will at best only yield the sum of the parts, with rich collaborative efforts, teams are able to go above and beyond, explains the author.
  • How to configure wireless LAN security
    Learn how to configure wireless LAN security, including choosing the right security standard and setting up a Robust Security Network. In this PrepLogic training video, you'll learn Cisco Aironet 1200 configuration for security, as well as troubleshooting WLAN security.
  • Smart grid system protection: SCADA security will challenge Feds
    As if federal IT managers didn't have enough cyber security concerns, the coming of intelligent electrical supply systems will bring a new challenge: smart grid system security.
  • ProStor CEO: RDX removable disk will leave LTO-5 tape in the rear-view mirror
    ProStor Systems CEO Frank Harbist says InfiniVault archiving systems represent the long-term future for the vendor that supplies the industry's RDX removable hard drives.
  • Deutsche Post DHL cuts IT budgets by half with a supply demand model
    After moving to a supply demand model for IT, the German logistics giant Deutsche Post DHL cut its IT business expenditures by 50% and achieved better business-IT alignment.
  • VMware boosts performance with vSphere 4.1
    Following the recent re-release of VMware's vSphere 4.1, our expert shares his exclusive access to the product and its heightened performance functions in part one of a series.
  • GFI Software acquires Sunbelt, VIPRE antimalware
    GFI Software buys Sunbelt Software and plans to integrate Sunbelt's VIPRE antimalware product to complement its current Web and email security offerings.
  • VMware continues private cloud push with vSphere 4.1
    VMware has announced vSphere 4.1, another step in the company's efforts to turn virtualized servers into cloud computing environments.
  • Microsoft fixes serious zero-day flaw, Outlook bug
    Microsoft repairs a zero-day vulnerability being actively targeted in the wild. Also, a repair for Office Outlook should be deployed quickly, experts say.
  • SAS and SATA, solid-state storage lower data center power consumption
    Learn why energy-efficient disk such as SAS and SATA will take on a greater role and lower data center power consumption, and why solid-state storage can be cost-effective.
  • Citrix announces advanced virtualisation certifications for engineers
    Citrix Systems has announced its advanced certifications are now available to engineers and architects; plus more daily news.
  • VMware throws bone to enterprises, SMBs with vSphere 4.1
    VMware added new features that appeal to large enterprises, and revamped licensing at the low end of its product line to appeal to SMBs, but users say their pain lies elsewhere.
  • Data reduction techniques for better storage efficiency
    Improve storage efficiency using data reduction and capacity optimization techniques such as data deduplication, compression, snapshots and thin provisioning.
  • Microsoft partners see Hyper-V catching on among SMBs
    The Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 beta release failed to generate much buzz, but Microsoft partners at WPC 2010 still see growing interest in Hyper-V.
  • Coverity, Armorize to add security to software quality process
    Integrated suite gives security teams greater visibility into the software development lifecycle while letting developers focus on creating code and fixing errors.
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