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Begin an IoT project with all the pieces to the puzzle

IoT initiatives can provide organizations with many advantages if they know what they want to achieve through their projects and prepare appropriately.

IoT projects require many parts to come together smoothly, and success depends on the organization creating value from any project it undertakes. Organizations must involve their entire team from the beginning, convince others of the project's value and have the right IoT strategy to draw the most value out of the project. By identifying the specific problems that the organization wants to solve and then figuring out how IoT technology can address those problems, development teams stand a better chance of meeting their definition of success.

Organizations should start with certain types of IoT projects first, such as asset tracking or system monitoring, to gain much-needed experience before diving into more complex initiatives. Development teams must understand each aspect of the proposed plan -- including costs, project change management and the skills of its own workforce -- that will affect the outcome of an IoT initiative. Doing so before the project is underway will prevent skimping on any important or unexpected factors, which could prove detrimental in the long term.

Whether organizations implement IoT to engage customers more effectively with IoT-based services and products or optimize their internal processes with IoT sensors and analytics, they will ensure better results if they study what those who have embarked on the journey before them have done. This guide provides steps every organization planning an IoT strategy should take and detailed instructions on how to define success.

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