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Top Internet of Things privacy and security concerns


Addressing data transparency and other IoT privacy concerns

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How should companies address IoT privacy concerns? Brian Katz, director of EUC Mobility Strategy at VMware, suggests building IoT into policies is a good start. Katz wasn't alone in this thinking: VDC Research Director Eric Klein also emphasized the importance of effective policies to address IoT privacy concerns:

IT teams should approach IoT policy integration just like any other technology or resource, according to Amrit Williams DePaulo, CTO at CloudPassage:

Data transparency: turning privacy into policy

Apple CEO Tim Cook took aim at Facebook, Google and other companies last fall for what he called their exploitive privacy policies, while extolling Apple's privacy-first business approach. More companies should make privacy a priority and give users more control over what IoT data gets collected and why, according to SearchCIO followers. During the #CIOChat, participants applied this privacy ideal to the workplace, saying that employees should have the choice to opt out of having their data collected -- or at least know upfront how that data is being used:

Vernon Turner, senior vice president at research firm IDC, warned in a SearchCIO blog post that organizations or individuals who don't accept data transparency will be "almost impossible" to trust.

In a recent report by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on IoT privacy and security, the FTC mirrors this sentiment by stating that transparency and limiting the collection of personal information is critical to upholding user privacy ideals. During our #CIOChat, Shorenstein CIO Stuart Appley emphasized the importance of having some level of user control and security oversight when it comes to IoT devices in the workplace:

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