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Select the right IIoT monitoring tool

With the right monitoring software, organizations can automate and optimize their IIoT deployments. Tools from vendors such as Exosite, Kepware, AWS and Plex can help.

A successful industrial IoT deployment depends on accurate and consistent device performance tracking. IIoT monitoring tools give IT administrators a central hub to see in-depth data from all connected IoT devices.

IoT offers businesses across industries the ability to optimize and automate operations. IoT has evolved so much in industrial sectors that a new branch now exists: IIoT. IIoT networks create a web of internet-connected devices, such as IoT sensors, smartwatches and robots.

In many cases, deploying certain IoT capabilities requires the appropriate monitoring software. For instance, one of the most valuable features of IIoT, especially in manufacturing, is the ability to track and automate processes on the floor. This could include automated status alerts, such as a notification that signals when temperatures in a warehouse rise above a specific level. Monitoring software is essential to keep track of signals such as this.

The sheer number of IoT devices in manufacturing and warehouse spaces demands a tracking method. There could be hundreds or even thousands of IIoT assets on the manufacturing floor, including robots, sensors and employee fitness trackers. The right monitoring software helps IT teams manage and track these devices.

Ideal features of IIoT monitoring tools

The point of IIoT monitoring tools is to make an IIoT implementation easier to manage. Ease of use and customizability are essential features in any software. The monitoring tool should have an accessible, straightforward interface to control and track IIoT assets; it should collect all necessary data and systems in one place.

IIoT monitoring software should connect to third-party sensors and include workflow alert customizations, automation capabilities and data transmission security. Predictive maintenance features and digital twins are not necessary but are helpful.

Popular IIoT monitoring options

Finding the right IIoT monitoring software requires an internal analysis first. Organizations must consider what they need from their monitoring software and which challenges they are trying to overcome. The following are a few popular IIoT monitoring tools.

Exosite ExoSense IoT

Exosite's ExoSense IoT platform prioritizes an accessible and user-friendly interface with zero-code customization. This, combined with built-in algorithms, can accelerate application deployments. Codeless workflows and customizable dashboards make ExoSense a strong option. Organizations can control their IoT monitoring experience without needing a whole DevOps department and a team of programmers.

Kepware KEPServerEX

KEPServerEX unifies disparate systems into one platform where admins can access, use and analyze data. Organizations get advanced security capabilities, a straightforward interface and in-depth features, including accessibility, optimization, aggregation, connectivity, security and diagnostics tools. KEPServerEX is an excellent option for more experienced IT admins looking for granular control over their IoT systems.

AWS IoT SiteWise

AWS IoT SiteWise is specifically for IIoT equipment; it could be ideal for manufacturing IIoT applications. IoT SiteWise collects data from industrial equipment and offers a focused and efficient feature set to model and monitor that data. AWS suggests using SiteWise for predictive maintenance or asset condition monitoring.

Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform

As the name suggests, Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform is specifically for manufacturing use cases. First and foremost, it is designed for automation and data visibility. Plex can integrate with an organization's own ERP tool. Smart Manufacturing Platform includes a broad tool set with features for connecting devices and systems, automation, tracking and monitoring, and in-depth analysis. There is also a mobile application for use on the manufacturing floor.

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