TechTarget News - Week of Mar 20, 2011

Microsoft sweetens MDOP deal and releases Intune

Windows Intune, Microsoft's cloud-based desktop management console is ready, and an MDOP 2011 update is due this year which will be offered to a wider customer base.

What is OpenID? How to use OpenID SSO in your organisation

An OpenID SSO system allows organisations to simplify website user authentication management. But is OpenID security an issue? Expert Michael Cobb explains.

High performance networking: How NYSE Euronext trimmed latency

In financial trading even a microsecond of latency can lose a deal, so NYSE Euronext worked with Force10 Networks to build high-performance networking with collapsed tiers and super-speed Ethernet to avoid any loss.

PCI DSS offers call center PCI compliance tips

The payment card industry compliance standards body has released a new document to help contact centers protect sensitive customer data.

Gartner Magic Quadrant ranks data warehouse appliance vendors

EMC-Greenplum is a new "leader" in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report on data warehouse software and appliance vendors. Find out who else tops Gartner's rankings.

Capacity planning for the data warehouse environment

Capacity planning is essential for all data warehouse environments. Data warehouses grow at high rates and must be managed to keep budgets under control.

Oracle drops Itanium development

Joining the crowd, Oracle says it will stop software development for flagging Itanium chip.

Survey says cloud DR is viable, but security concerns linger

Nearly half of IT admins believe cloud disaster recovery (DR) services are a viable option, while others cite security concerns, according to a survey of IT professionals.

Windows shops wake up to cloud realities and challenges

IT managers are more comfortable with the private cloud options that Microsoft presented at its annual management confab this week than the public cloud options presented last year.

SAP combines GRC and BI in new platform

SAP has launched a new governance, risk and compliance platform that combines and integrates existing GRC and business intelligence technologies.

Will the CMIS specification help prevent a digital dark age?

The recently ratified CMIS specification and other open content management standards can help preserve information for future generations, according to experts.

UK wireless technology trends: Enterprise tablets take hold

What's next in wireless technology trends? IMS Research analysts predict enterprise tablet adoption, as well as growth in Near Field Communication, Wi-Fi Direct and M2M communication for businesses.

Police switch to Sprint ii for IT procurement

Police forces in England and Wales are having to switch IT procurement from the Buying Solutions' CITHS framework to the SPRINT ii agreement.

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