TechTarget News - Week of Apr 03, 2011

RSA discloses phishing-attack data breach details

RSA, the security division of EMC, has revealed the firm's data breach in mid March was the result of a spear phishing attack. The spear phishing attack exploited an Adobe Flash vulnerability that was unpatched at the time.

Immigration cap will not stem flow of IT workers to UK on ICT visas

The immigration cap, which comes into force on 6 April 2011, will have little effect on the number of economic migrants entering the UK because businesses can continue to use the uncapped Intra Company Transfer (ICT) scheme to access skills, according to Migration Watch.

Dell set to unveil cloud plans

Dell is due to make a global announcement later today, where it is expected to unveil its plans for cloud computing.

After breach at RSA, two-factor authentication options abound

Companies specialising in two-factor authentication hope to boost business following the breach of RSA's SecurID, and many plan to capitalise with new products at Infosecurity Europe.

CIOs need IT governance rethink

CIOs will need to rethink their IT governance policies as employees turn to social media tools to collaborate at work, according to research from analyst group Gartner.

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